Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the advantage of using displays?  Can’t I just put the frames on the shelf?

Displays will allow your customer to see all the details of the frames.  Displays that vary in height also add visual interest attracting your customers to your dispensary.

Why does the channel angle back?   

The channel angles back to tilt the eyewear slightly so that lighting from the front and down will show the detail of the frames.

How much space should there be from the top of the display and the next shelf?

A good general rule is 4”.  This leaves enough room to see and access the frames at the tallest point of the display.

How do I display on a high shelf?

On a high shelf we recommend a vertical display, this give height while keeping the frames fronted on the shelf.

When the rimless frames are on clear displays they disappear what can we do?

Consider ordering black displays they will make your frames stand out against the black background.

The lighting in my dispensary is not great, how can I fix this affordably?

Rather than remodel your dispensary, Bright Display offers lighted showcases that will provide light and security to your frames.  Also installation of simple track lighting with adjustable fixtures will help illuminate dark areas.  Remember color, motion and light is what attracts customers to lifeless areas of your dispensary.

Why do I have to wait before you ship my order?   

Bright Display is a “just-in-time” manufacturer.  We proudly handcraft your order when you place it.  It typically takes 7 business days from the date you call to the ship date.  If your order is completed before our typical timeframe we are happy to ship early.

How long will it take for shipping?   

For shipping information, please click here.

How do I retrieve my login information?

Please give us a call at (800) 777-0734 and we would be happy to retrieve forgotten login information for you.

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